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Welcome to the NePoPo® Online Silver School!

NePoPo® is often referred to as 'The Language of Modern Dog Training' where our philosophy is behavior that is 'Always on Cue with Heart & Soul'.
We strive for a connection and effective communication.

Our comprehensive online course is designed to bring the revolutionary NePoPo® theory right to your fingertips!

The NePoPo® Online Silver School offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn these techniques from the world-renowned dog trainers Michael and Bart Bellon, ensuring you receive the highest quality education in the comfort of your home. Whether you're a novice dog owner or a seasoned trainer, the NePoPo® Online Silver School provides a flexible and accessible learning environment.

Join a community of like-minded enthusiasts and take your training skills to new heights. Embark on this journey today, and discover the power of NePoPo® in creating harmonious and joyful relationships with your dogs. Enroll now and become a part of the NePoPo® family!
What is in it for you?

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The NePoPo® theory course consists of 10 theory chapters, with mandatory exams for 8 of them.

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Each exam is 10 questions with 4 answers to each question. All possible answers need to be reviewed because each answer is worth one point, and you must score at least 90% to advance to the next chapter.

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You have 3 attempts to achieve the required score for each chapter.

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If you don't succeed within 3 attempts,  you can contact the help desk for assistance.

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You have 8 weeks to review all the chapters and complete the exams.

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Upon passing all tests with a minimum score of 90%, you will be awarded the NePoPo® Online Silver certificate.

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After obtaining the NePoPo® Online Silver certification, you will have the opportunity to contact a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator to schedule a NePoPo® Gold School (practical course, hands on dogs).

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Price for the NePoPo® Online Silver School is 699 EURO, all taxes included.
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