The Last Seminar (December 2016)
Newsletter # 44
The 13th of Dec, at 0400 am ... Ring ring, wake up call ... Wash. Shave. Coffee. And then packing luggage. (After 24 years of traveling weekly, you become damned efficient at that!) At 6 am , I get picked up by a specialised taxi company to drive me to Schiphol Amsterdam. (This is two hours driving without traffic jam.) Soon I am kissing my wife, Michael, goodbye. (Never leave home without saying goodbye because you never know what can happen).

After being at Brussels Airport during the terrorist attack by ISIS in March, I prefer to fly out of Schiphol, Amsterdam. In 2017, we will try again via Brussels for traveling to the NePoPo® School locations. In Amsterdam, where I see not one sniff dog, everything going goes smoothly for my flight to Frankfurt Airport.