The Language of Modern Dog Training
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About NePoPo®

NePoPo® is a landmark training system that was developed by Michael and Bart Bellon.

NePoPo® stands for negative, positive, positive. It means that the dog first receives a negative stimulus, followed by two positive stimuli. This training method makes communication between the dog and its owner more effective and pleasant.

The NePoPo® system gives dogs the idea that they can influence their environment. By using it, we train them to be enterprising, innovative, and passionate partners. They carry out their tasks with heart and soul!
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About Michael & Bart

NePoPo® training is revolutionary. Michael and Bart Bellon have given seminars and workshops all over the world in different training disciplines. Today they pass on their knowhow through the NePoPo® New Silver School.

Michael and Bart are proud because the NePoPo® School has become a real community, a quality brand worldwide, a lifestyle, a culture where students find passion and connection in an exclusive ideology that they are proud of and want to share.

Much has been written about Bart, but the saying 'next to every strong man, stands a strong woman' points to his wife Michael. Bart has always been very entrepreneurial, and together with Michael and the takeover of Martin System®, it seems that they have shifted up a gear.