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Martin System® organizes the development, manufacturing and commercialization of dog training systems.

NePoPo® training is revolutionary. Michael and Bart Bellon have given seminars and workshops all over the world in every training discipline. 

In 2006the B.C.BB BV company was founded. Since January 2015, Michael and Bart pass on their knowhow through the NePoPo® Silver and Gold Schools.

For more than ten years, Michael and Bart Bellon, owners of B.C.BB, worked closely with Charles Martin, the owner of Martin System®, in both the commercial and the technological fields. They contributed significant added value to the company in terms of the development of new products, which are used in NePoPo® training too. In the meantime, B.C.BB had developed its own products using the cutting edge technology in electronics from Martin System®. 

It was a logical step, then, for Charles Martin to sell the company to Michael and Bart. Since 2018, Michael and Bart Bellon own Martin System®. The take-over allowed Martin System® to further develop its product portfolio with the right focus and the necessary market know-how. The dog training experience of Michael & Bart Bellon representing an incredible asset and differentiator for the company.

As a result of the takeover, Michael and Bart are the only dog trainers in the world that run their own e-collar company.

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Animal welfare and the principles of the NePoPo® school are integral to the design of all products.

Martin System® never compromises on animal welfare and on bringing the best dog education products to the market. The NePoPo® School engages to teach its students and followers to exclusively use animal friendly training collars and to use them in an appropriate manner.

The combination of these two excellence-driven approaches is unique in the dog world!

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