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Where passion for dogs & dog training meets passion for communication & excellence

The NePoPo® School is a world-renowned school & community that excels in dog education. The NePoPo® dog training methodology has been developed by Michael & Bart Bellon and stands for Negative – Positive – Positive dog training.

NePoPo® is a language of communication. Like any modern language, NePoPo® evolves.
This is why NePoPo® is often referred to as 'The Language of Modern Dog Training'.

People always ask, how do I get drive in my dogs? How do I train a dog to work with Heart and Soul? What can I do to create the perfect customized balance of motivation and concentration? By the end of the course, you will know the answers!
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NePoPo® Silver School

  • 3-day course (8 h/day). Classes will be taught by Michael and Bart Bellon. English language.
  • In the Silver Program, students will focus on NePoPo® theory. Students must first learn the language to be the architect of their own NePoPo® program, customized for each individual dog.
  • As we will discuss training systems, we will emphasize how important it is to stay both within the law but also within the perception of the law. It is easy to apply NePoPo® within these confines because NePoPo® is the language of modern dog training and is a politically correct, humane, and effective dog training system that allows broad application while staying within the most restrictive guidelines.
  • All students must understand the vocabulary of the behaviorists and the psychologists who teach cognition and memory: e.g. positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning and how to apply them all specifically using NePoPo®.
  • During the NePoPo® Silver Program, students will learn in depth what PoPo training is, what NePo training is and what NePoPo® training is and the powerful aspects of each system.
  • All the students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 90%, to be NePoPo® Silver Graduated.
  • Minimum age at participation 21 years old for the NePoPo® Silver School in Springfield-MO, USA and a minimum age at participation of 18 years old for the NePoPo® Silver School in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
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NePoPo® Gold School

  • 5-day (min. 5 days – min. 40 hours)
  • Only NePoPo® Silver Graduates are eligible for the NePoPo® Gold School.
  • Practical work training with your own dog (or a dog provided by the NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator), with guidance and supervision of a NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator of your choice. This NePoPo® Gold Multiplicator is a Master Coach and certified NePoPo® Gold Graduate. A list of NePoPo® Gold Multiplicators is available on our website. 
  • The practical work of applying the theory can then begin. The students will work with their dogs and will see other dogs work in NePoPo®. Training aids will be discussed and how and why we implement them in NePoPo®. You will learn how to solve behavioral problems using NePoPo® to create clear and efficient solutions.
  • NePoPo® is developed and trademarked by Bart and Michael Bellon.
  • Only certified NePoPo® Gold Graduates may use the NePoPo® logo and can teach NePoPo®.