Ryan Woodruff
Ryan Woodruff
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Trainer Clear Path for Veterans

Following an enlistment in the U.S. Marine Corps (2005-2009), Woodruff discovered that the civilian transition would be more challenging than anticipated. As an infantry rifleman with two combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, it was challenging to find a career that aligned with his experience and skillsets outside of military and law enforcement.

In 2016, he joined Clear Path for Veterans, Inc., a non-profit organization providing services to veterans and their families. During his first year, Woodruff served as a Peer Support Specialist, helping veterans navigate their journey from military to civilian culture. Soon after, Woodruff discovered the Canine Program, a specialized program focused on healing veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress through the power of the human-animal bond. As a benefactor of this program, Woodruff wanted to give back, so he enrolled in his first formal training school and became a trainer. 

Not long into his journey, Woodruff discovered the fallacies of the training systems and singular-focused ideologies widely used in the industry. Something was missing, so he continued seeking knowledge through various mentorships and cross-disciplinary training. In 2018, Woodruff discovered NePoPo® and was immediately attracted to the utility and framework the system offered. Ryan completed the NePoPo® Silver School in March 2020, followed by completion of the NePoPo® Gold School in July 2020. 


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