Sudesh Ramsoebhag
Sudesh Ramsoebhag
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Regio : the Netherlands, Europe
Website :
Police & Military dog training, KNPV, Decoy training - sport and work, Personal Protection Dogs, Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation, Object Search Training

Working  as a security for a dutch company about 26 years ago, has started the dog training journey for Sudesh Ramsoebhag. 

Presented  directly with his first challenge to prepare a trained dog that he didn’t know in 2 weeks for his security exam, Sudesh achieved his first mission to finally be able to work with a dog as a security officer.  With that achievement, his love for dogs grew immensely. Those years to be part of a police dog club in Holland, you were required to wear the suit and decoy for all dogs every time you show up. Showing up meant also you could train your own dog so despite the hardships and challenges Sudesh stay and worked his way up to start training his own dogs in the KNPV sport. 

All in the meantime, Sudesh has founded his first own company – Storm Security where it is now serving as a security company to the largest retailers of Holland with over 450 employees. In the dosports, Sudesh went to earn a couple of certificates until he went to trial with his german shepherd Oscar, were he achieved 433 out of 435 points and won his first ever 2 contests.  From there the idea of his 2nd company ‘’Personal Protection Dogs’’ started and took place in 2016.   In his career Sudesh has trained multiple KNPV competitors and dogs as well as decoyed for dogs that received high and full competition scores. In the Netherlands Sudesh is known to be the handler who solves difficult cases among the most aggressive dogs.  In the last 3 years, Sudesh has rehabilated  two aggressive dogs that would otherwise be euthanised.  These dogs are today complete and finished from the KNPV program and they serve as demo and motivation dogs in our police and military seminars and work with protection dogs in the private sector.  Sudesh is currently training his dog Jerry-Lee towards the KNPV Ph1 certificate and his young dog Mill towards in the same program.


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