Sven De Jonge
Sven De Jonge
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Regio : Germany - Belgium, Europe
Dogs and Horses, Natural Horsemanship
Sven is the owner of ALPHA TO ZULU, The Alphabeth for Dogs & Horses, located on the Belgian-German border.

He has been training western horses and recreational horses for over 25 years. The foal alphabet, Natural Horsemanship, correcting problem horses, is his world.

After graduating from the NePoPo® Gold School, he decided to apply the NePoPo® method to horses as well, which proved to be very successful as a communication tool.

Horses can come (minimum) one month in training; using videos, the owner is kept informed daily of progress. Before the horse returns home, intensive practice is done with the owner to make him understand horse language as well.

A NePoPo® HORSE clinic can also be given on location. For more information, contact Sven.
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