Kirubell Yohannes
Kirubell Yohannes
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Pet Dogs. Working Dogs. Protection Dogs. Aggression and anxiety rehabilitation. Complex/idiopathic behavior modification.
New Gold School:
Kirubell’s NePoPo® New Gold School focuses on innovative applications of the NePoPo® system in all fields of dog training. So far, 13 professional trainers across 3 continents and 7 countries have graduated from his program. His graduates have backgrounds in pet training, shelter rescue, shutzhund, ring-sports, police/military K9s, and detection/nosework. With a maximum of 4 students per school, Kirubell’s NePoPo® New Gold program offers a very intimate and intensive program for those looking to train at a high-level.
Professional Background:

Since 2016, Kirubell has built KIBA K9s into a quality hallmark company in New York City, developing a global reputation for consistently producing dogs that perform “on cue with heart and soul.” Kirubell’s creative approach to dog training — especially with complex or challenging behavioral cases — caught the attention of dog owners, enthusiasts, and professionals across several disciplines in the canine industry.

In 2021, Kirubell finished his B.A. in Economics at The King’s College and launched a brick & mortar location for KIBA K9s in Brooklyn. Around that time, he was introduced to IGP and helper work by Ivan Balabanov, which sparked a deep love for sport training. Soon after, Kirubell jumped on the opportunity to learn from avant-gardes Michael & Bart Bellon and graduated from the NePoPo® Silver School. 

In 2022, Kirubell continued training under Michael & Bart Bellon, graduating twice from the NePoPo® Gold School. He also began working with The Brains Project at Harvard University, actively participating with the Hecht Lab’s research and testing peer-reviewed studies on canine behavior, cognition, and olfactory systems. Kirubell then became a certified instructor for the Animal Behavior College in Santa Clarita where he currently teaches the applied requirements of the Canine Obedience Dog Training (CODT) certification. 

In 2023, Kirubell became an instructor and international ambassador of the NePoPo® system. As mentioned above, he has certified over a dozen professionals across multiple fields of dog training. Nonetheless, Kirubell remains a dedicated student of the craft, traveling extensively to train with and learn from the best canine experts in the world. He most recently traveled abroad to live with and apprentice under Dr. Helmut Raiser as a shutzhund helper in Germany.

In 2024, the train keeps on rolling. Kirubell has been invited to teach seminars/workshops in 5 countries and has become a guest lecturer for an undergraduate canine behavior course at Harvard University. Additionally, he is preparing his shutzhund (IGP) dog to enter trials with the aim of taking him to nationals.

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