Marla Poor
Marla Poor
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Graduates
Regio : USA
Dog sports of IGP (schutzhund) and AKC obedience
Marla Poor trains and competes in the dog sports of IGP (schutzhund) and AKC obedience with her working Czech line German Shepherd, Hugo.  She previously competed in French Ring and AKC obedience with her 1st German Shepherd, Athena.  She lives in Seattle, WA and also trains regularly in Canada, Oregon and California.  Marla is one of the organizers of Helper Camp USA, a camp dedicated to educating existing and aspiring IGP helpers.  
Marla is a proud NePoPo® Gold school graduate and is happy to help answer questions from anyone regarding the NePoPo training system and her experiences incorporating the system into her training.
She can be contacted at 206-619-2920.
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