Ryan Spinks
Ryan Spinks
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Regio : England
Pet dogs

There is still a debate in Ryan’s family as to what his first words were, but the majority opinion was that it was a variation of a ‘woof’, mimicking the dogs who lived next door. 


Ryan’s first dog presented challenges that led him at the age of 14 to learn all he could about dog training to help overcome the difficulties presented. After his first breakthrough moment, he became hooked on dog behaviour. 


At 18 years old he left school to begin a career working with dogs. The concern his father expressed over this decision did nothing but fuel his passion for dogs further. Ryan now runs a successful 6 acre open field socialisation facility, as well as having opened a new 4 acre facility designated to training and behaviour modification.


Ryan’s passion for dog training and behaviour lead him to the discover the NEPOPO® system. After learning what he could about the system from sources online and attending a two day seminar, he made the decision to buy his placement for the School in Missouri, USA.


NEPOPO® has revolutionised the way Ryan works with dogs. The knowledge gained from Michael and Bart Bellon has helped to produce astounding results with Ryan’s clients and their dogs. Ryan is forever looking to develop his craft and grow his skill set, he will never stop learning about all things dog!

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