Michael Burkey
Michael Burkey
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Graduates & NEPOPO® New Gold Graduates
Specializes in training aggressive, fearful and high energy pet dogs

Michael Burkey is the Head Dog Trainer and Owner of Michigan Dog Training (MDT) in Plymouth, Michigan. He specializes in training aggressive, fearful and high energy pet dogs. He is also a court Expert Witness in civil cases regarding dog behavior, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Evaluator, Service Dog Trainer, dog sport competitor and a former: Police K9 Officer, Federal Law Enforcement Officer and Trainer, Social Worker, and Search and Rescue K9 Handler and Team Training Director.

Michael’s comments after completing the NePoPo® Gold School: “I have attended six of Bart and Michael’s dog training workshops since 2011. After each one, I came away with enhanced knowledge. At my very first workshop, I recognized the high value in their teaching methods and asked Bart if some day they would be developing a NePoPo® School. When they built it, I knew I had to attend their Silver and Gold Schools which I proudly completed in 2017.

Bart and Michael are Masters so if you want to be the best you can be, attend their schools! If you’re new to dog training, you’ll learn the best way to train dogs the first time. If you’ve been training dogs for some time as I have; your eyes, mind and heart will become open to new ideas and new horizons beyond your expectations. You and your dogs will train with “heart and soul”.

Invest in yourself and become a NePoPo® Gold Graduate. I’m glad I did!”

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