Matthew Bohn
Matthew Bohn
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Graduates & NEPOPO® New Gold Graduates
Regio : OHIO, USA
Pet dogs

Growing up, we always had dogs in my house. In 1993, I got my own German Shepherd Dog and  I was so fascinated with training him and teaching him new things that I started learning how to train. In 2009, Flyer, a German Shorthair Pointer, joined my family and got me back into training dogs. I started training him for dog sports. In September 2009, we attended our first Dock Diving event and we were hooked on dock diving!  As we trained and prepared to get ready for Dock Diving, we also started training for American Kennel Club (AKC) obedience test, AKC hunt test, and other dog tricks. 


As my passion grew towards these accomplishments so did the desire to expand my knowledge in canine training. I took as many educational opportunities as I could to learn about proper handling, care, nutrition, and behavior.
I began working with different rescues and an obedience dog club to put this knowledge into action to help owners have a better life and bond with their dogs. I have since added Belgian Malinois, Kratos and Marc to my pack. They have helped me to continue to advance as a trainer to expand my knowledge of new sports like Protection Sports.  
As opportunities arise, I have continued to further my education in a variety of dog sports as well as canine fitness. In Sept 2020, I completed the CCFT (certified Canine Fitness Trainer) program at the University of Tennessee. In Nov 2019, I finally took the leap to attend the NePoPo® silver school, which I had on my radar for serval years, then in April 2020, I attended the NePoPo® Gold school, then in Sept of 2020, I attended the 3 week NePoPo® Gold premium School.

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