Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Multiplicators
Regio : New York, USA
Website :
Canine Nutritionist, Pet Dog Obedience, Protection Dog Training, Scent Work, Agility


- Owner of Dog Trainer Rob, Inc

- Business Management and Advertisements 

- Canine Nutritionist (Tefco Inc and ToTUS Dog Food Inc.) 

- DNM Certified Pet and Raw Food Nutritionist
- IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) Animal Welfare Laws Department

- American Kennel Club Evaluator and Temperament Tester

- Advanced Obedience Training

- Protection Work

- Canine Scent Work

- Agility Training

- Service Dogs

Embarking on my professional journey in the canine realm began in 2010, under the guidance of Jerry Briffa, the proprietor of Tefco Inc. Tefco Inc, affiliated with Bravo Packing, has held the esteemed position of being America's premier carnivore feeder supplier since 1960. Bravo Packing feeds lions, tigers and carnivores, etc. Working closely with Jerry, I delved into the intricacies of carnivores, exploring aspects of diet and nutrition. Under Tefco is where I studied canine nutrition, and Jerry Briffa emphasized the significance of effective business management for success, and then encouraged me to undergo intensive training under the mentorship of Michael Oberman to enhance my proficiency in dog training.

Following my apprenticeship and becoming a member of the American Kennel Club as an Evaluator and Temperament Tester, Mr. Oberman encouraged me to undergo further training under Bart Bellon in 2012. Since that pivotal year, my dedication has been unwavering as I strive to maintain and apply the methodologies directly imparted to me by Michael and Bart Bellon. This commitment has driven me to pursue additional national seminars, certifications and accumulate hands-on experience in the field of various dog sports. This lifestyle led me to the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals), where I presently serve in the Department of Animal Welfare Laws. In 2023 I joined the team of ToTUS Dog Food Inc, providing one food formulation and becoming an executive in their pet food company.

My coursework covers detailed teachings in canine nutrition, followed by NePoPo® hands on theory. My guiding principle is genetics, nutrition, then training. My aim is to teach students on effectively managing and achieving success in their business endeavors. To embody the principles of NePoPo® in their dog training system and simultaneously push my students boundaries on canine theory, training and nutrition to achieve new levels of professionalism.
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