Mario Krajina
Mario Krajina
Group : NEPOPO® Gold Graduates & NEPOPO® New Gold Graduates
Regio : Germany, Europe
Website :
Protection, Detection, Obedience and Pet Dogs
My name is Mario Krajina from MK9 International.  

I‘ve been involved in intensive dog training and behavioral research for 10 years. Throughout this time I‘ve always admired the NePoPo® system and used all 4 quadrants with conviction.

I completed my certificate as a state-certified dog trainer in Germany and I’m also allowed to train dogs commercially in all areas (dog training, protection service, dog hotel, breeding, dog transport and dog driving license in the theoretical and practical part). 

My own dogs I prepare for the police and army for dual use. The focus is on professional helper work, search work, obedience and problem solving for dogs and dog handlers.
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