New Silver School
5 August 2024 - 7 August 2024
Classes will be taught by Michael and Bart Bellon.

  • In the New Silver Program, students will focus on NePoPo® theory. Students must first learn the language to be the architect of their own NePoPo® program, customized for each individual dog.
  • As we will discuss training systems, we will emphasize how important it is to stay both within the law but also within the perception of the law. It is easy to apply NePoPo® within these confines because NePoPo® is the language of modern dog training and is a politically correct, humane, and effective dog training system that allows broad application while staying within the most restrictive guidelines.
  • All students must understand the vocabulary of the behaviorists and the psychologists who teach cognition and memory: e.g. positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning and how to apply them all specifically using NePoPo®.
  • During the NePoPo® New Silver Program, students will learn in depth what PoPo training is, what NePo training is and what NePoPo® training is and the powerful aspects of each system.
  • All the students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 90%, to be NePoPo® New Silver Graduated.
  • Minimum age at participation 21 years old.

Price for the New Silver School = 2695 EURO
Price includes:

  • Price New Silver School 2695 EURO
  • 3 day theoretical course, without dogs, 8 h/day, at De Cantharel, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands (address: De Cantharel, Van Golsteinlaan 20, 7339 GT Ugchelen, the Nederlands, www.vandervalkapeldoorn.nl/en
  • Classes taught by Michael and Bart Bellon. English language.
  • NePoPo® New Silver School certificate (after passing the exam successfully)
  • Martin System® PT 3000 + Finger Kick + Micro B
  • Meet the NePoPo® Gold Multiplicators
  • Meet the Martin System® Team
  • All meals included: 3 days professional catering: breakfast, lunch, diner. No matter where you stay: always book a room without breakfast. All meals (breakfast - lunch - dinner) are included in the school price.
  • Hotel costs not included, hotel on site Hotel De Cantharel, Apeldoorn. If you book a room before June 21, 2024, you can provide this booking code to get a discounted room rate: CAN-GF79185. Note: booking code can only be passed on for telephone bookings Tel 0031 55312 12 46 or bookings via email to Sales@vandervalkapeldoorn.nl, if you book via the De Cantharel website, you cannot use the booking code.

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