Michael Miller – an epilogue of a daring soul who is gone too soon
Michael Miller – an epilogue of a daring soul who is gone too soon
Michael Miller – an epilogue of a daring soul who is gone too soon

Today, Bart and I went to the funeral of Michael Miller, a NePoPo® Gold School Graduate. Michael graduated from the NePoPo® Silver School in November of 2019 and from the NePoPo® Gold School in April of 2020.

Michael David Miller passed away Wednesday, August 30, 2023. Mikey, as he was fondly known to his friends and family, was born September 8, 1983, in Pasco County Florida, the son of David and Dawn (Casey) Miller.

Michael was known for his generous heart, infectious smile. He had an unconditional love of dogs. Where was the ignition for dogs? We found out at the funeral that the unconditional love and support of a dog, Minnie, helped Michael through the toughest part of his life. Michael served on the board of K9’s for Camo where he dedicated his time training rescue dogs. Michael was determined to live his life selflessly to make a difference for others and always willing to give back. Recently, Michael became an entrepreneur founding MMK9, Michael Miller K9, in Springfield, Missouri, providing dog training, boarding, and grooming. Michael was always business-minded. At MMK9, Michael could make a living doing his passion: training dogs. He dreamed. He dared. And he did.

Michael is lovingly survived by his parents, David and Dawn Miller of Walnut Grove, Missouri; sister Samantha Stringer and husband, Josh, of Ozark; son, Joshua Owen; paternal grandparents Dr. Paul and Beverly Miller of Conway, Missouri; and his fiancé, Holly Robinson, with whom he has spent the past four years of his life. Holly and Michael planned to marry later this year.

At the service, the family could not be warmer or more welcoming. In times of crisis, many people/families/friends break apart. This family has pulled together. The grace they have will carry them through this tragedy. The future was bright for Michael. He had a wonderful family, a growing business, and big plans for the coming years. Holly and Michael were in love and were soon to be married. Michael had close friends. To lose someone so young and full of passion and ideas and a plan—this is an unspeakable gut-wrenching anguish. Hold your loved ones close and live every day like it is your last. In a split second, everything can change.

Mikey: you were loved. You will be missed.